Help Received:

ID to register with landlords and final part of a deposit

Sean’s Story

At the end of a hard day’s work there is nothing most of us want more than the close our front door to the outside world, put our feet up and zone out for a bit in the living room. And if we’ve got a big meeting or challenging task coming up the next day, we know a good night’s sleep in our own bed is essential to get us in the right zone.

It was exactly the same for Sean, but he didn’t have a front door he could close or his own bed to sleep in. Having lost his accomodation some months before, he was managing to hold down his job while hopping between friend’s sofas or the Bed Every Night emergency shelter in Wigan. Not knowing where he would be able to stay each night, carrying his stuff around with him, sometimes being unable to take a shower or wash his kit, it was all putting his job at risk and leaving him no time to find a place of his own. What’s more, grabbing food on the go, travelling from place to place, and contributing whatever he could to the people who were kindly putting him up was drawing on all Sean’s wages so he wasn’t able to save up.

“I was close to giving up on the job and accepting that this was my life now.

Thanks to Real Change, I was able to find a place to live, keep my job and didn’t fall through the gaps into long-term homelessness”